[PHOTOS] Northern France and the Atlantic coastline

Amid a nearly consistent existential crisis regarding my future, my employment prospects, and all the looming grad school applications, there is one thing I know for certain: I want to live near a body of water (the Hudson river does not count). So, despite the prospect of spending 45 minutes trapped in a car with small, whining children, I couldn’t decline my host family’s invitation to see the Atlantic coastline.

Locations: Cap Blanc-Nez, Cap Gris-Nez, Bologne-sur-Mer. The one place we didn’t make it to, regrettably, is the infamous (thanks Christopher Nolan!) Dunkirk. But worry not, you can see England from other points along the coast as well. Except on days where it’s too overcast to see. Like this Sunday.

All I can say is, you can’t leave France without seeing the beaches.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Vocabulary definition of “bucolic”: this photo.
I’m not sure what it is with Europeans and installing Egyptian obelisks in the strangest of places.
The coastline is peppered with decommissioned, WW2-era German bunkers.
This plane is certainly an improvement on Allied bombers from 80 years ago.
Wild geese preparing to attack me not pictured.
One downside: the wind is absolutely terrible.
The coolest aquatic sport that I can get behind.
Most of these surfers were above the age of 50. Meanwhile, I can’t even run.



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