Blog Updates

Hello world!

As you may have noticed, this blog has been inactive since February, as sad as I am to acknowledge that. And not for the lack of travel, I assure you. During my semester abroad, I have been actively writing for another platform, a Georgetown University-based research center that each semester selects a cohort of students to share their study abroad experiences through the lens of politics, religion, and culture. Working on those posts in conjunction with this blog (before I fell off the wagon here) made me reevaluate the overall format and the type of content that I really want to be producing here. I don’t mean to disparage the many wonderful travel blogs that focus on sharing photos and visitor tips from their travels, but I find myself yearning for a more analytical approach. All of that to say that 1) this blog is not dead and 2) you may be seeing some changes to the type of content I post here, but post I will!

My next stop this summer is a two-week trip to the motherland (aka Russia) with pit stops in Moscow, Saint Petersburg (VERY briefly), and Kazan. I will then fly back to my beloved France for a six-week internship at a newspaper in Saint Omer, a small community in the north of France. So buckle up friends!


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